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Department of Statistics

Topics for Theses

This page lists potential topics for theses in different research areas.

Survival Time Analysis

  • Inference and uncertainty quantification for multi-stage models
  • Comparisons based on reconstructed data
  • Estimation procedures in survival time analysis using machine learning techniques
  • Comparative simulation studies
  • Quantile-based ANOVA methods in complex designs
  • Evaluation possibilities of diagnostic tests using ROC curves and partial AUC

Machine learning and prediction models

  • Influence of missing values on prediction and inference quality of statistical learning methods
  • Uncertainty quantification in the form of variance estimators, prediction and confidence intervals based on machine learning methods
  • Variable selection and dimension reduction based on machine learning methods
  • Time series analysis based on machine learning methods

Analysis of multivariate data

  • Tests regarding covariance matrices for observations with missing values or clusters
  • Extension of the approach of Chen & Qin (2010) for more groups, among others
  • Influence of the chosen hypothesis matrix on common quadratic forms
  • Development of statistical test procedures considering missing values in multivariate designs (repeated measures, ANOVA, MANOVA)

TeX Template

You can use the following TeX template for your thesis: Download