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Department of Statistics

Supervised Internships

In the Master's programmes Statistics and Data Science, the certificate for the courses Fallstudien II and Case Studies can also be acquired by other means besides attending the "classical" course. For example, in addition to the Data Mining Cup and the Data Mining Cup Logistics (organized by us in 2021), external internships under the supervision of faculty members are also suitable. The grading is based on the final report. Here, we have already cooperated with many different companies. Some examples of supervised internship projects are:

  • PK Prediction Intervals and PK/PD Modelling
  • Wähler*innenwanderungsanalyse zu der Bundestagswahl 2021 in Dortmund
  • Does aggression leave biological marks? DNA methylation patterns for appetitive aggression in three East African samples separated for sex
  • Fehlererkennung anhand von Akustikdaten
  • Modellierung und Vorhersage von Umsätzen im Einzelhandel
  • Entwicklung einer dynamischen Bestellstrategie zur Bestimmung des Sicherheitsbestands auf Basis einer Bedarfsvorhersage unter Berücksichtigung der historischen Vorhersagegenauigkeit und Wertigkeit von Artikeln
  • Customer Journey
  • Filtering & forecasting efficiency index and, distinguishing real & demo pumps
  • Substantive Model Compatible Imputation Method for Time-to-Event Data with Time Varying Effects and Binary Time Varying Covariates
  • Logo Detection in Sports Sponsorship
  • New Customer Churn Prediction Company: REWE Group-Marketing & Media Analytics
  • An improvement of Email Ecosystem based on the prediction of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Context-aware recommender system for sales and services
  • Detection of Tolerance Symbols in Technical Drawings